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A new color case for the pedometer can always brighten up your workouts. You can choose from several colors.
Coconut water contains a lot of minerals and trace elements, which can be used to replace what the athlete loses during the exhausting training.
And the energy bar and jelly is a highly concentrated energy bomb. It is an ideal product for people practicing sports that require high endurance, for whom a continuous, well-tolerated energy supply is essential.

When choosing the package, we also made sure that premium products were included: the companies Sponser, Nielsen-Kellermann and Coconut Water Company all guarantee the best quality.

When ordering, please state in the comments section whether you are requesting the case for a SpeedCoach or StrokeCoach stroke meter, and what color you require!

Package contents:

  • 1 stroke rate rubber case Strokecoach / Speedcoach
  • 1 Sponser High Energy bar - 45 g
  • 1 sponser Liquid Energy Plus caffeine gel - 70g, cola-lemon
  • 1 box of Cocos 100% coconut water - 330 ml