Filippi factory used boats

The current list of used boats from the Filippi factory can be found on the link below.

Current list 2024.01.

Boats undergo the following quality control:

General cleaning/polishing
The boat is prepared for the inspection and repair process. The first step involves a thorough cleaning, followed by general polishing..

Structural damage control
Each component of the boat is examined, starting with the hull and riggers. The condition and functionality of each part is checked to ensure that the absolute efficiency and performance of everything is guaranteed, as athletes should expect from a Filippi boat..

Aesthetics damage control
In addition to performance, each Filippi must also meet high aesthetic standards. This is why one of the steps is devoted exclusively to checking for imperfections, areas with yellowing paint, small dents, scratches, and so on.

Repairs and replacements
After all checks have been effectuated, any structural and cosmetic damage is repaired..
Where repair is not possible due to the component being too damaged, replacement with a new accessory is made. This applies to the riggers, fin, slides, runners, rails, plugs, plates, racks, oarlocks and all hardware..
If the rigger has passed the structural inspection but is covered in scratches and surface imperfections, it is painted to restore the original look..

MAS shoes
The boat is equipped with MAS shoes selected from certified pre-owned products. Shoes one size larger than requested may be provided based on stock availability..
If no certified pre-owned products are available - as is the case with all other components - new MAS shoes shall be fitted..

Final cleaning
The boat has almost undergone the complete process of becoming a Filippi certified pre-owned boat. Now, a thorough cleaning of the interior and exterior is effectuated..

Final polishing
Whilst waiting to be delivered to her new crew, the hull and the bow and stern decks are polished to look just like a new Filippi..

Nylon packing
To be protected and transported safely, the boat is finally encased in nylon packaging. Upon request, it is possible to purchase the custom-sewn Filippi cloth covering for the chosen mould..

Boat collection from the race course
The boat has successfully passed quality control. However, if it is to be collected from a race course after being used in competition, only the following are guaranteed: checking for structural damage, cleaning and polishing, along with a change in shoe size..