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During rowing, 60% of the force is exerted by the legs. That's why a rower deserves a little support for his legs.

Against Rowing socks have a slight compression to help circulation.

Coconut water contains many minerals and trace elements, which can be used to replace what the athlete loses during the exhausting training.

And the energy bar and jelly is a highly concentrated energy bomb. It is an ideal product for people practicing sports that require high endurance, for whom a continuous, well-tolerated energy supply is essential.

When choosing the package, we also made sure that premium products were included: the companies Sponser, Against Rowing and Coconut Water Company all guarantee the best quality.

When ordering, please enter the requested sock size in the comments section!

Package contents:

  • 1 box of Cocos 100% coconut water - 330 ml
  • 1 Sponser Cereal Energy muesli bar - 40g
  • 1 pair of Against Rowing socks
  • 1 sponser Liquid Energy Plus caffeine gel - 70g, cola-lemon